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Furniture commission Heraldry commission
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My name is Alexander MacCrea.  I live and work in the countryside outside of Alfred, New York in Allegany County.  The art form in which I am involved is commonly known today as Celtic Art.  The word Celtic (which represents present day Irish, Scots, Welsh, Cornish and Breton peoples) is derived from the Greek word "Keltoi" during their (the Celts) migration into Europe.  The Celts also refer to themselves as Gaels or Britons.

The links (above and below) will direct you to many different categories in my site and you will find that I am constantly developing my skills in many ways, and please check back often as I frequently add new works.

Celtic artwork has gained immense popularity of late, but please note that my work is very original (not to be found in the Book of Kells!).  The creation of the designs can be more involved than the physical wood carving process itself.  See for yourself all the work, the decorative wall art, the architectural pieces built right into the home and so many more with reference to our ancient traditions.  I invite commissioned work.  If you have something in mind, or some of my pieces inspire your commission please contact me!

For more information on my experience, background, and Celtic Traditions check out the About the Artist page.



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