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Commissions and price estimation

The following applies to any and all who are interested in a consignment, it explains my business policy. 

I have done many kinds of projects, both original commissions and replicas.  In both cases it is very common to make a sketch (or sketches) of a piece to show the client how the project may look in its completion.  It is also custom to give the client an estimate of the price to explain how much the piece may cost.


-It is very important that you know that an estimate is not an exact price.  It is a “ball park figure”, the final price may be higher or lower.

-please also note that the first estimate that I give a client is subject to change if the client wants modifications or multiple drawings.  In that case I always have to give more than one estimate until the client agrees on the drawing. 

-The estimate in the case with my work is intended to cover all expenses; drawing, labor, shipping, and in some cases sales tax (where it is needed).

First the sketch

-There is time and a great deal of effort in the sketch.  The price of the first sketch is added onto the price of the overall estimate.  Also with this first sketch I give my first estimate, which is subject to change with these things below…



Modifications and or additional drawings

-If the client wants minor modifications on the drawing than I make them free of charge, however if there is over an hour’s work to be done than I will add it to the price estimation.

-If the drawing changes in quantity of detail, then that changes the amount of work that needs to be done.  Therefore, the estimate may increase or decrease accordingly.

When the drawing is agreed upon

-After these things have been settled and the client agrees on the sketch, than I give the overall estimate which is more solid than the first, unless of course the client has a change of heart and wants something done differently.  Then it could change again.

Down payment

-It is customary for the craftsman to receive 1/3rd of the overall price estimation before starting the project.    This pays for any materials in the project; it is a safety procession for the craftsmen and also shows that the client is serious.  I do not ask for any more money until the project is complete.  

-I only do this when the overall projected price of the project exceeds $1000 otherwise I simply charge the client in one sum upon completion.

Upon completion

-I give the client the exact price and include shipping, and sales tax if they apply. As soon as the payment is received the piece is packed and shipped, very often the same day.