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"Saint Columba"

An Irish Saint that began an isolated life on the island of Iona in Scotland, following a disastrous war that resulted from his own copying of a book that was not meant to be copied. 

"Shiva" (of the creation myth)

Shiva was said to have made our earth by pulling starlight and star fire in a ball and created rivers and oceans with her tears of loneliness.  

Note-all the illustrations are made in a medium known as wax resist, which involves crayon and ink in a combination to create a scratch board (only with many colors).   Also the pages are all roughly  9 x 11 inches


Fraoch was often seen with a host of the nature spirits (known more commonly as the Shee) like the three harpers illustrated above.  This is expected because his mother was the goddess of the Boyne ("Boand").


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