Celtic art of William MacCrea

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Carving in a Lutheran church in Bradford, Pennsylvania.  Carved into the boarder are the last words of the Gospel of Mathew, "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.  I am with you always even unto the end of the world."

My grandfathers experience as an artist and art teacher has touched a great variety of people.  As a teacher for 30 years in Andover New York and 1 year in Torquay England, one of his greatest accomplishments has been that many of his students have found their own artistic potential, rather than rounding everyone off to a single style.   He would much rather hear people say that, "he (William) did not "teach" art but wanted to share of body of knowledge or possibilities with a group of people".  Many of his students have gone on to working full time as artists in the world.

During those years of teaching he was also making his own art work at home, and in doing so has created an art form unique unto itself.  He called the technique "assemblage", which consists of per-carved pieces of wood that are doweled and glued together in a formation to depict a story or theme.

This assemblage is a depiction of the Scottish legend known as "the battle of the birds".  interestingly enough there is also a Bagpipe tune that "chants" the story as well.

Some of his work was sold on consignment or was made for churches, he also displayed pieces in a few galleries in New York City.  On several occasions however some work was kept in the family or given to close fiends.  The assemblage style is not my grandfathers only area that he used Celtic art, he also has work that looks similar to mine, but there is a difference in our path nonetheless.  Though that difference may be hard to see it is much more apparent for people who see Celtic art on a more daily basis.

Made in honor St. Bridget who's feast day falls on the day celebrated for Bridget the "earth mother". 



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