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Allegany Artisans Site

  In Autumn each year - click the link to explore the web site, receive information regarding the artists, location, maps, and brochures.  Below are some examples from other artists in the tour.  This is a very helpful website for anyone wanting to go on the tour.

Dick Lang

Sarah Phillips
Dick Lang is a fantastic potter, he has a great control in his work but also a great freedom to create new and original work year after year.  Dick and I have made several pieces in conjunction focusing both of our talents, wherein he throws a piece and I carve an original design. Of all the painters in the Allegany Artisans I think that Sarah's work is the best!  A lot of pieces depicting nature.  Fantastic work.

Steven Walker

 Steve has been a member of the Allegany Artisans for a long time, he is a master jeweler!  He has a great understanding and love for not only his craft but for the history and heritage of the Celts.